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Caltrate Bone Health Advanced 600+D3 plus Minerals Multi-Flavor Calcium Chewables, 155 Ct

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Includes one, 155 count bottle of Caltrate 600+D3 Plus Minerals calcium supplement chewables to nourish your bones. (1) Convenient on-the-go calcium chewable supplement in delicious cherry, orange and fruit punch flavors. Dual benefit formula includes calcium and vitamin D3 for bone strength and minerals for flexibility. (1) Includes essential minerals like zinc, copper and manganese (3) to help support collagen production for strong, resilient bones. (1) Caltrate Plus Minerals has the most vitamin D3 to help maximize calcium absorption to support strong, healthy bones. (1,2) Just two tablets a day provides the total recommended daily amount of calcium with advanced levels of vitamin D to help optimize calcium absorption Each tablet also contains five fortifying minerals important for healthy bone formation
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