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5pcs Good All Purpose Household Paintbrushes Set - Unbrand

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This set contains a 1" flat brush, a 2" flat brush, a 2.5" flat brush, a 3" flat brush and a 1.5" angle brush li>Suitable for all paints, latex, stains and varnishes, no matter exterior paint, interior paint, oil-based paint or water-based paint. Cross filaments mixed with hollow PET filaments for better paint pick-up. Special blended filaments are quite capable of holding medium to heavy body paints. Can be used from small area to large area, angle brush works fine cutting-in around walls, doors, furniture, vases, fences, windows and ceilings. Blend filaments provides a smoother finish and more even release. Those brushes give you more finesse and precision during your paint project.t Designed to withstand even the most abrasive surfaces, these paint brushes give you an edge in versatility and heavy-duty applications. Filaments are durable and long lasting for plenty of washing. Easy to clean. It perfect for all users, no matter whether you are a beginner or you have quite skillful painter, these brushes are great for any user. High quality brushes at very reasonable price, the value you get in these brushes are unbelievable.
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