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4" Foam Household Paintbrush for Paint and Craft - Unbrand

4" Foam Household Paintbrush for Paint and Craft - Unbrand

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Unique blend of foam for great absorption and distribution of paint mediums. Foam Cells absorb paint and reduce drips until application is made on surface. The sharp angle allows for precise application even in corners. Constructed with wood Handles that are lightweight, durable and easy to hold, and bevel foam tips for getting into tight areas and feathering. Use with all paints, varnishes, stains, polyurethanes, chalks and more. Perfect use on all spreading, painting jobs, finishes, interior and exterior application. Great paint tools for your art and craft projects, decorative living room, master bedroom wallpaper, clay miniature and stained or painted window. This special paint tools are suitable for artist teens or professional painters. Great for beginning, intermediate, advanced craft painter or homeowner. Great value to buy it at such good price, it is disposable, and you do not need wash it after using. Not suitable to use for shellac or lacquer.

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